Elasticated Bodice Maxi Dress

Thank you for taking the time to check out my new blog. Krissy Fashions looks at my style, will share tips on bargain shopping, dressing for a hot climate and will also touch upon some of my other interests including photography, rare groove music and salsa dancing… to name but a few.

To tell you a bit about myself, I live on the beautiful Spice Island of Grenada, my parents birthplace. I was born in London, England and relocated to Grenada in 2012. In the UK I worked for the BBC as a Publicist for many years. Today I own Creole Communications, a business support service providing content consultancy, traditional PR and photography.



Yes, I know I look a little tense in my first image, that was my attempt at looking relaxed. I’m just a little flustered from taking pictures of myself under the hot Caribbean sun.  Running back and forth, from behind to in front of the camera, in this climate, is challenging but also a valuable learning experience for next time!

My shopping habits have changed now that I live on a Caribbean island. In the UK  I had a summer, winter and autumn wardrobe. My summer wardrobe would be neatly tucked away under my bed awaiting the few weeks of sunshine celebrated just once a year.




Now, because of the year round hot climate in Grenada, my wardrobe is mostly for Summer but split into two categories – formal and casual – which is great! I mostly shop for jewellery, headscarves and tops in Grenada, for everything else I do my shopping in the UK, when on my yearly visit,  and online.

When I shop for clothes it’s more about quality, comfort and uniqueness than about designer names so you will equally find me in Zara and H&M as you would in the local market and second hand store.


In this blog I am wearing one of my favourite pieces, a lovely, elasticated bodice maxi dress I bought in Krisp in the UK.  I love this dress for several reasons. It’s perfect for a hot climate and its low maintenance with no fussy buttons or belts. At the beach you can easy slip on and off over your swimsuit, it’s dressy enough to wear for brunch or a light lunch with the girls and most importantly it hides lots of bodily sins.



My prescription sunglasses are from Guess. They were given to me by my sister (after a bit of begging) and yes we share the same prescription! I absolutely love them! Not only do they look super cool but they’re also great for people watching (or peeping)!


I love big and bold jewellery especially those with an ethnic feel. My earrings I picked up from Seasons Fashions in St George’s, Grenada. I was drawn to the map of Africa inside the wooden circle which I thought was very clever. I also like the fact that it is very light. The ring I bought many years ago from Camden Market in London, UK.



My sandals I picked up from Primark in Lewisham, London and is Primark brand. I chose it in a hurry, without trying on, because I liked the look. Turns out the sole is cushioned and so it is surprisingly comfortable and now one of my favourite sandals.

Before I go, let me introduce you to my beloved dogs who wanted to get in on my picture taking session . This is Whisky, my right hand man. He was given to us at six weeks old, he is now three.


Next is Daisy who is my mums right hand lady, she’s around ten years old.


Last but not least is independent Lucy who belongs to nobody but herself – except at feeding time – she’s around ten.



I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, I would love for you to leave a comment. Follow my blog to stay across the latest and please subscribe for bi-monthly tips on looking fab on a budget with occasional giveaways. You can also use the same to ask me any questions.

All the best. Krissy. xx


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